Commercial Photo Gallery

Break Room Water Leak

This company suffered a water leak in their break room. The picture shows the water damage caused by the leak. The ceiling tile had to be removed and the walls have been affected by the water also.

Financial Business Water Leak

This business here suffered a water leak that soaked their carpet in one of the offices. The SERVPRO team came in with the proper drying equipment to take care of the job.

Warehouse Flooding in Lyman, SC

This was the result of a large amount of water discharge at a warehouse in Lyman, SC. A large portion of the warehouse floor was covered in water, but we were able to dry it up with the help of our fans and dehumidifiers, as well as squeegeeing any excess to speed up the drying process.

Commercial Water Damage in Spartanburg, SC

This was the result of a pipe bursting in the ceiling, causing the ceiling tiles to burst and flood the showroom of this property. We were on the scene and able to clean up and restore their contents quickly and efficiently.

Church Flood in Spartanburg, SC

This flood occurred from a plumbing malfunction at a local church. The water was soaked into the carpet, and even had visible water standing on top of the floor. We were able to arrive on the scene that day and used several of our top-of-the-line industrial fans to dry the water up "like it never even happened."

Commercial Flood in Spartanburg, SC

This was the aftermath of a pipe bursting in a hallway. The owners of the property were relieved that we were able to save their beautiful carpet from being ruined from water damage, especially before it turned into a mold problem.