Water Damage Photo Gallery

Hallway Water Incident

Here in the picture you can see that there is standing water in this hallway. Our team had to remove the floors to get to the baseboards to dry them before they caused further damage to the floors.

Water Damage in Local Home

This is just one shot of the damage after a pipe bursting in a local home here in Spartanburg, SC. The walls and floors of this home was drenched. Our SERVPRO team came in and cleaned it all up for them.

Hallway Water Damage in Spartanburg, SC

This damage is the result of plumbing malfunction. This is one of the hallways that were affected with highly noticeable water puddled in the carpet. Shown in the picture is one of our vacuums that we used to remove excess water so that we could set up fans to dry the carpet and sub-flooring quicker. 

Residential Water Damage in Spartanburg, SC

This is the result of a bathroom flood that reached out into hallways and other rooms on the floor. We stripped the original floor in order to dry the baseboards so that the new floor would be installed dry and have no risk of becoming wet.

Assisted Living Home Flood in Spartanburg, SC

This was the aftermath of a plumbing flood. There were significant amounts of water standing all throughout the property, capturing many residents' contents beneath the water. Both management and residents were very pleased to see that we saved as many of their contents that were possibly salvageable.

Residential Flood in Spartanburg, SC

This was the aftermath of flooding due to plumbing issues. The flood began on the 4th floor and reached all floors below it, all the way down to the basement area. There were several rooms and hallways that had water puddles all throughout the residency, as well as moisture in the ceilings and walls. We used a large amount of drying and dehumidifying equipment. It took several hours of hauling and setting up equipment, as well as vacuuming and squeegeeing loose water. Our crew worked tirelessly and efficiently, making it as though "it never even happened".